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- City Lights Could Reveal E.T. Civilization
- Monarch Butterfly Genome Sequenced
- Ancient DNA Holds Clues to Climate Change Adaptation
- Milky Way's Black Hole Found Grazing On Asteroids
- Floor of Oldest Fossilized Forest Discovered: 385 Million Years Old
- First Computer Model of How Buds Grow Into Leaves
- Drop in Carbon Dioxide Levels Led to Polar Ice Sheet, Study Finds
- New Technique Puts Chemistry Breakthroughs On the Fast Track
- Targeting Bacterial Gas Defenses Allow for Increased Efficacy of Numerous Antibiotics
- Biologists Slow the Aging Process in Fruit Flies: Study Has Implications for Humans
- Diverse Ecosystems Are Crucial Climate Change Buffer
- Mid-Ocean Creatures Control Light to Avoid Becoming Snacks
- Weird World of Water Gets a Little Weirder
- Earthworms to Blame for Decline of Ovenbirds in Northern Midwest Forests
- Glaciers: A Window Into Human Impact On the Global Carbon Cycle
- Astronomers Discover Complex Organic Matter Exists Throughout the Universe
- Proposed Nuclear Clock May Keep Time With the Universe
- Earliest Horses Show Past Global Warming Affected Body Size of Mammals
- Single Antibody Shrinks Variety of Human Tumors Transplanted Into Mice, Study Shows
- Even the Cleanest Wastewater Contributes to More 'Super Bacteria', Study Finds
- Millions of Americans at Risk of Flooding as Sea Levels Rise
- Discovery May Lead to Safer Treatments for Asthma, Allergies and Arthritis
- Daya Bay: Discovery of New Kind of Neutrino Transformation
- Dramatic Links Found Between Climate Change, Elk, Plants, and Birds
- New Fossil Penguin from New Zealand May Be the Biggest Ever
- Scientists Wrest Partial Control of a Memory
- New Layer of Genetic Information Helps Determine How Fast Proteins Are Produced
- Artificial Thymus Tissue Enables Maturation of Immune Cells
- Hubble Zooms in On a Magnified Galaxy
- Astronomers Find Three Smallest Planets Outside Solar System
- Exercise Triggers Stem Cells in Muscle
- Charge Separation in a Molecule Consisting of Two Identical Atoms: Size Matters
- Newborn Stars Emerge from Dark Clouds in Taurus
- Sea Ice Drives Arctic Air Pollutants, NASA Finds
- DNA Motor Programmed to Navigate a Network of Tracks
- Chemists Mimic Nature to Design Better Medical Tests
- Evolution of Complexity Recreated Using 'Molecular Time Travel'
- New Shortcut for Stem Cell Programming
- Surprise: Protons Bypass Hydrogen Bonds but Still Change Molecules
- Rare Element, Tellurium, Detected for the First Time in Ancient Stars
- A Galaxy Blooming With New Stars
- Some Bacteria Attack Using Spring-Loaded Poison Daggers
- Breaking Up Isn't Hard to Do: The Secret Lives of Corals On Dark and Stormy Nights
- Turmeric-Based Drug Effective On Alzheimer Flies
- Jupiter Helps Halley’s Comet Give Us More Spectacular Meteor Displays
- Signs of Thawing Permafrost Revealed from Space
- Obese Monkeys Lose Weight On Drug That Attacks Blood Supply of Fat Cells
- U.S. Rivers and Streams Saturated With Carbon
- Microprocessors from Graphene: Discoveries May Advance Electronic Circuit Technology
- Young Star Rebels Against Its Parent Cloud
- Down to the Wire for Silicon: Researchers Create a Wire Four Atoms Wide, One Atom Tall
- How Marijuana Impairs Memory
- Physicists Find Patterns in New State of Matter
- Just Another Pretty Face: New Insight Into Neural Basis of Prosopagnosia
- Two New Species of Horned Dinosaur Named
- 'Look at That!' Ravens Gesture With Their Beaks to Point out Objects to Each Other
- Depression: An Evolutionary Byproduct of Immune System?
- Highly Exposed to Phthalates as Fetuses, Female Mice Have Altered Reproductive Lives
- Titanium Paternity Test Fingers Earth as Moon's Sole Parent
- Carbon Dioxide Is 'Driving Fish Crazy'
- Ozone from Rock Fracture Could Serve as Earthquake Early Warning
- Early Primate Had Transitional Lemur-Like Grooming Claw
- Astronomers Reach New Frontiers of Dark Matter
- New 'Thermal' Approach to Invisibility Cloaking Hides Heat to Enhance Technology
- Global Winds Could Explain Record Rains, Tornadoes
- Humans Began Walking Upright to Carry Scarce Resources, Chimp Study Suggests
- NASA's Kepler Announces 11 New Planetary Systems Hosting 26 Planets
- Planet-Sized Object as Cool as Earth Revealed in Record-Breaking Photo
- Disruption of Biological Clocks Can Lead to Neurodegeneration, Early Death, Study Suggests
- TapSense: Touchscreen Technology Distinguishes Taps by Parts of Finger
- Solar Energy: New Sunflower-Inspired Pattern Increases Concentrated Solar Efficiency
- Sound Rather Than Sight Can Activate 'Seeing' for the Blind, Say Researchers
- Heart of Silk: Scientists Use Silk from the Tasar Silkworm as a Scaffold for Heart Tissue
- Key Peptides That Could Lead to Universal Vaccine for Influenza Identified
- Controlling Light at Will: Metamaterials Will Change Optics
- Crocodiles Trump T. Rex as Heavyweight Bite-Force Champions, New Study Shows
- Paleoclimate Record Points Toward Potential Rapid Climate Changes
- New Light Shed On Wandering Continents
- Researchers Identify Unexpected Player in Intestinal Immunity
- Over 65 Million Years, North American Mammal Evolution Has Tracked With Climate Change
- How the Smell of Food Affects How Much You Eat
- New Evidence That Comets Deposited Building Blocks of Life On Primordial Earth
- Bigger, Scarier Weapons Help Spiders Get the Girl
- Teaching Fat Cells to Burn Calories: New Target Against Obesity Involves Brown Fat
- Preference for Fatty Foods May Have Genetic Roots
- Surface of Mars an Unlikely Place for Life After 600-Million-Year Drought, Say Scientists
- Culture in Humans and Apes Has the Same Evolutionary Roots, Researchers Show
- Scientists Map Hotspots for Genetic Exchange in Chimpanzees
- Tailored Optical Material from DNA: Light-Modifying Nanoparticles
- Discovery of a 'Dark State' Could Mean a Brighter Future for Solar Energy
- Tiny Protein Helps Bacteria 'Talk' and Triggers Defensive Response in Plants
- Starlings Help Explain Irrational Preferences
- Pasta-Shaped Radio Waves Beamed Across Venice
- Spider Web's Strength Lies in More Than Its Silk
- Earthquake Friction Effect Demonstrated at the Nanoscale
- Engineers Create Tandem Polymer Solar Cells That Set Record for Energy-Conversion
- Smell Is a Symphony: New Model for How the Brain Is Organized to Process Odor Information
- White Rice Increases Risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Study Claims
- Tangled Up in DNA: New Molecule Has Potential to Help Treat Genetic Diseases and HIV
- Predator-Prey Relationships Make Possible the Rich Biodiversity of Complex Ecosystems
- Smart, Self-Healing Hydrogels Open Far-Reaching Possibilities in Medicine, Engineering
- First Evidence of Hunting by Prehistoric People in What Is Now Ohio
- Switching Senses: Leeches Shift the Way They Locate Prey in Adulthood
- A Small Step for Lungfish, a Big Step for the Evolution of Walking
- Disarming the Botulinum Neurotoxin
- Hyperactivity in Brain May Explain Multiple Symptoms of Depression
- Magnetic Fields Set Stage for Birth of New Stars
- Large Solar Flares Generate Geomagnetic Storm

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